Manipulation In Paradise Lost

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Milton tells the story of the Garden of Eden in rich, full detail. He expanded the tale of the Serpent trying to convince Eve to do an act forbidden by God. It was described briefly in the bible but here, though fiction, gives more of a sense on what happened. I will dissect the fifteen lines in Paradise Lost, Book IX, where the Serpent presents his argument to Eve that she should eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. This selection shows how smooth and sly the serpent is in his manipulation. Satan wants humanity to fail and for humans to be as miserable as he is now that he is fallen.
Queen of the Universe, do not believe/ Those rigid threats of Death; ye shall not die: (lines 684-685) The Serpent calls her a Queen trying to flatter her
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or will God incense his ire (lines 690-692) In these lines he equates himself with Eve’s station in life. He suggests that he too is somehow held down in his life and that by eating from the Tree he dared to go above his position. She needs to venture outside her place in order to achieve happiness like he has. The only way to do this is to go against God’s wishes. He says why should the tree forbidden to humans when animals are free to eat from it. Man is supposed to be on a higher level than animals. They rule them after all. It would only be fair that they should be allowed to also eat the fruit. It is only right for Eve to feel like she should have more. Her and Adam should not be complacent with their simple, menial …show more content…
All it is fruit. It will give them knowledge and surely that is a good thing. God will not be mad, rather he will be impressed that Eve went on her own and ate the fruit. He would be pleased that Eve would not let anything stand in her way of getting this knowledge of good and evil. Death is symbolic. It may mean nothing at all. God threatens it, but who is to say what it really means.
Of good, how just? of evil, if what is evil/ Be real, why not known, since easier shunn’d? (lines 698-699) Evil gets a bad reputation. Since Eve does not know evil, the serpent is in control right here. He asks Eve how does she know that evil is wrong. She does not know what wrong is really. God is quick to shun evil but it could be a good thing. It is easy to say that it is wrong and punishable but it could just as easily be what Adam and Eve

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