Manipulation By William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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There are many examples of places in which manipulation is used today. One such example is in the politics. Political leaders, for example Donald Trump, try to sway the public 's emotion so that they will get elected for office. Just like in the real world, there are many different areas where manipulation occurs in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. These areas include manipulation in politics, manipulation within your family or friends, and manipulation within ourselves.
One example of a person who manipulates in politics is Cassius, who manipulates Brutus into joining the conspirators and into killing Caesar. Julius Caesar is gaining a lot of support and may become dictator or ruler. Cassius feels like Caesar should be killed in order to save the Republic of Rome. Cassius has convinced a lot of wise and able conspirators to be on his side, but one person who he has not convinced is Brutus. He meets with Brutus and tries to hint to him to join the conspiracy. Brutus understands what Cassius is saying and says that he will ponder it. Brutus then leaves Cassius, who is alone. In his soliloquy, Cassius reveals that he has a plan to convince Brutus. This plan is that Cassius will send letters that he wrote to Brutus “as if they came from several citizens” (1.2.312). When Brutus reads these letters, he is convinced that Caesar must be killed because he is too ambitious. Another character who uses manipulation in politics is Antony. Antony asks Brutus if he can…

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