Manipulation And Its Effect On Society Essay

1388 Words Oct 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Manipulation had always been a toolset created and used primarily by the socially disadvantaged. For example, women in 18th century England, who often times could not depend solely on brute strength or their physical prowess to thrive in a social landscape, used strategic thinking, decision analysis, and other cognitive tools that gave them at worst, a level playing field, and at best, an advantage (Dubner, B. S., 2013, "Jane Austen, Game Theorist”). The original intent of manipulation was one of self-preservation; to court a husband with a suitable income that would provide for a decent living for example. However, this intent has since changed with the creation of advertisement. The advertising industry has exploited the toolset that was once used for survival by the disenfranchised, for profit, attention, and other deceptive motives (“Hidden persuaders II”, 2011). They distort reality with what are known as fallacies, argumentative tricks designed to subliminally affect our thinking without any actual arguments (Beach, 2013, ch. 11, para. 10). One example of many organizations that implement fallacies in their advertisements is the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). The Department is primarily focused with promoting and protecting the city’s health; in the context of this essay, protecting the constituents of New York City from the perceived dangers of sugary drinks. However, the methods used by the DOHMH to promote its stance on public…

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