Manifest Destiny Was An Idea Driven From The United States Essay

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Manifest Destiny was an idea driven from the belief that America was chosen to become a greater and therefore much larger country. It was primarily an aggressive act, many factors contributed to the aggression such as expanding territories, the removal of pre-existing inhabitants, and extreme nationalism. The majority of these factors were very forceful and at the expense of other countries, with one exception. In the 1840s many believed that America was special and they supported the bettering as well as the enlarging of the country, no matter the cost. The United States was rapidly expanding, with just one purchase the size of the nation doubled, then the nation just kept adding territories. In 1803 the America ambassadors, Robert Livingston and James Monroe, struck up a bargain with Napoleon; France offered to sell the Louisiana territory instead of just New Orleans. Jefferson, who was president at the time, accepted the offer, extending the boundary of the country peacefully. America attempted to peacefully expand their reign once again, with no success. In 1820s the United States offered to buy Texas from Mexican reign only to be refused by their government twice. Soon after that the Mexican government allowed Americans to settle on their lands, but ten years later they closed their boarders. Creating friction that would lead to fighting and eventually war. In 1835 there were many outbreaks of fighting between Americans living in Mexico and the Mexican citizens.…

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