Manifest Destiny Was A Term Coined By John O ' Sullivan Essay

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Manifest Destiny was a term coined by John O’Sullivan in 1845 to describe the overwhelming notion that America wanted to expand exponentially. Most Americans during this time period felt it was a divine right to expand and settle the entire continent. This idea of expansion was not new, but an old view, that many great explorers and nations followed while establishing themselves. America was now no different, and looked to gain greater dominance over their own land. To do this, America took advantage of some world events to secure one piece, but an important piece of their expansion. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson knowing what was going on the global scale, was able to purchase the single greatest chunk of North America in a single swoop. This purchase was the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase has often been described as the greatest bargain in American history. The price for the 828,000 square miles, which more than doubled the previous size of the United States, was $15 million dollars, and taking into account the debt relief given to France whom the land was purchased from, the grand total rang up to $27,267,622 - or thirty-three dollars a square mile. This sale was a blessing not only for America, but also for France who was embroiled in armed conflict with Britain at the time. The next property appropriation came with the purchase of Florida from Spain following the War of 1812 for a whopping $5 million dollars. That amount was exuberant compared to the…

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