Manifest Destiny : How It Has Changed Our Nation Essay

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Through out history we have seen “Manifest Destiny” at work, and how it has helped our nation grow to what it is to day. The “Manifest Destiny” helped with creating revolutions that would help find freedom in the U.S., but it also had some negative affects as well. e.g. Mexican War. Most believe that “Manifest Destiny” began in the 1840’s, when John L.O’Sullivan coined the term “Manifest Destiny” in1845, but if we look closer we can see that even all the way back to the first settlers we can see “Manifest Destiny” already at work e.g. Massachusetts Bay Colony. The term is defined and recognized as, the Americans belief that it was their destiny given to them by God, to expand into the western territories “ The whole continent was to be theirs”(American Nations 300). We can see that “Manifest Destiny” already existed, far before John L.O’Sullivan’s “ Manifest Destiny”, he just gave it a name and popularized the term. This gave many the excuse and a way to justify their actions against foreign nations, when acquiring new territories.

The Proclamation of 1763 set into motion a series of actions that would reverberate into a future that, at the time, the Crown and the Colonist could not have imagined the results of those actions. Decisions made by the Crown and responses to those actions by the Colonists created a complex situation that nearly 100 years later would tear apart a Nation that did not exist at the time the Proclamation was issued.
A peace, ending the war…

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