Manifest Destiny, By The Indians Essays

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From all things that I have learned regarding the Manifest Destiny, it was a horrible thought for one people in particular, the Indians. The School House Rocks video entitled, Elbow Room – Manifest Destiny, gives us a very PG version of this concept of Manifest Destiny. Basically, with everyone settled in the East of the United States things were starting to get a little cramped. Most people saw their opportunity for growth, not only agricultural wise but also financially, in the West and began to journey that way. Americans saw in the west empty land that needed to be occupied and moving west would give them a chance to not only spread their government but also spread their religion as well. The new settlers felt that America, by God’s hand was destined for greatness.
The Americans saw all the new land in the West and felt it needed to be tamed; however the open land they seemingly was not occupied was actually extremely occupied! This was the land of an innumerable amount of American Indians who were already settled in the land prior to the “new settlers” on the scene. These Indians hunted, raised families, farmed, and lived a peaceful life in the West. So naturally when the Americans came and “discovered” the West, the Indians argued that they didn’t discover anything because they were already settled there. However, America’s mind was made up, and history has shown countless times of how America always gets its way when their mind is made up.
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