Manifest Destiny, By John L O ' Sullivan Essay

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The concept of Manifest Destiny is prevalent in various eras of American history. Manifest Destiny can be dated all the way back to the early 1500’s when Columbus found America. After this, the concept can be applied in early 1800’s, throughout the American Revolution, and then again in the 19th century, where the term was first coined by John L O 'Sullivan.
The concept of Manifest Destiny has helped to carve America. The idea is first noted when Christopher Columbus found North America. The colonist believed it was their “Manifest Destiny” to have found the land. It was a gift sent by God that led Columbus to discover their new home. Because God had led them to this new land, they believed it must be theirs to keep. As a result, they use the term “Manifest Destiny” to justify the removal of Indians. This discovery of new land presented an opportunity from God to all the colonist to spread the word of Christianity. They proposed it was God’s gift to bless them with a chance to break away from what they believed to be selfish leaders in England. With this new land, it was “America’s Destiny” to spread Christianity and build a colony based on morals, values, and beliefs (Scott). It was really John Winthrop, who was able to tattoo the term “Manifest Destiny” into America’s flesh. He truly believed the new nation should not be built on greed and selfishness. As a result, the Governor of Massachusetts carried high Puritan values and speculated, a society focused on the word of…

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