Manifest Destiny, By Andrew Jackson Essay

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Manifest Destiny is the 19th century idea and belief that it was America’s destiny to spread all the way from the east coast to the west coast. Manifest Destiny, however, was not an objectively good idea. To many, such as Native Americans, Latin American Government Officials, and Northern Abolitionists, the idea was infuriating and seen as unjust, but Americans disregarded these sentiments and kept migrating west. When Andrew Jackson was president, there were about 250,000 Native Americans east of the Mississippi River, and about 2-3 million more Natives to the west of it. Old Hickory initially tried to assimilate Indians into civilized society as the US expanded westward, but the Native Americans did not like Americans nor did Americans like them. To avoid issues between Natives and Americans, Jackson created the Indian Removal Act in 1830. This act made it legal to move Native Americans into reservations in Oklahoma. Even Natives that did assimilate, for example, the Cherokee Indians in Georgia, were forced off of the land that they had been living on for hundreds of years. The Native Americans followed a path, known as the Trail of Tears, which led them to their new land out west. 100,000 Indians followed this trail and around 4,000 die along the way. The first political cartoon entitled, “The Great White Father,” is a piece of satire created after the Indian Removal Act. In this cartoon, Jackson is depicted with puny Native Americans in his arms…

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