Manifest Destiny And The Environmental Impacts Of Westward Expansion

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The Great Move
(My opinion of why manifest destiny was a turning point in American History) American history has been debated time and time again. Everyone has a favorite time in history and often hold their own opinions about the events that take place. From the Declaration of Independence and the birth of America to the Revolutionary War that brought forth the great American dream, many things were innovated and changing. A new task, the task of moving west, started with Lewis and Clark and the great expedition that proved that moving west was in fact safe. As Darren Dobson said in his academic journal titled Manifest Destiny and the Environmental Impacts of Westward Expansion published in 2013, “Underlying Manifest Destiny, was the promise that in the West Americans could realize their democratic independence via land ownership” (Dobson). Jefferson claimed that God had given the people the land and that it was Manifest Destiny; meaning it was their God given right to conquer and take over the land for the good of the states. However, today we think that was a somewhat selfish act because there were already people on the land and we would have spread out eventually maybe without as much conflict. Some Americans were eager to move west and soon new towns, and even cities began to pop up. Immigrants especially took action because they were ready to leave their persecution and exhibit the American Dream of hard work and eventually success. As Americans began to move west…

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