Manifest Destiny And The American Expansion Essay

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Manifest Destiny is a term used to describe the attitude that established during the 19th century with the American expansion. This attitude affirmed that the United States could not only expand from east to west coast but that in fact, it was destined to stretch and gain more territory. However, the land expansion gave a new pride to the ideas about racial superiority and the US being on top and better than anyone else. Manifest Destiny was significant to the development of the United States as its beliefs were the primary force that caused the expansion westward across North America. During this time, this idea was regarded very highly as to the Americans, the expansion offered self-government, self-advancement, self-sufficiency, more income and more freedom. However, this glorious attitude helped to fuel western settlement, Native American removal and the war with Mexico.
The idea of Manifest Destiny, or the simple belief that America was destined to expand its borders, resulted in a major conflict between the Mexicans and Americans. The Mexican-American War was result of this belief and this caused a lot of suffering for many Mexicans, as well as many Native Americans. The second cause of the Mexican-American war was the Texas War of Independence from Mexico. In 1836, after Mexico won independence from Spain, Texas rebelled against the Mexican government to become free and with the help of US, Texas won its independence. Texas, in return, wanted to join the Union in…

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