Essay On Mandrax

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What is Mandrax?
Mandrax is an industry name of a synthetic barbiturate type drug that is made by combining a variety of chemicals which include Methaqualone, which is its active ingredient and which has sedative hypnotic properties and Diphenhydramine which is an antihistamine and also has sedative properties. Mandrax comes is a tablet form in a variety of colors such as; white, pink, purple, brown and green and is marked with the manufacturers symbol.

Methaqualone was first synthesized in the 1950s and was then introduced to America in the 1960s where it was prescribed by medical physicians to treat insomnia and other anxiety related illnesses.
Chemical structure: Soon after its introduction methaqualone became a popular recreational drug because of its sedative and hypnotic properties. This lead to methaqualone being placed as a schedule 2 drug, which meant it
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In most parts of the world Mandrax is part of our history, being replaced by other drugs such as heroin and cocaine but South Africa still illegally manufactures the drug and according to health 24 has the highest per capita Mandrax abuse in the world. When dugs are manufactured illegally the main aim, is produce a substance that is highly addictive, this creates dependence which at the end keeps the drug at a high consumer demand. This means that they are lots of impurities that are added to the drug to increase an individual’s dependency to the drug. In South Africa , and other countries in Asia that are still manufacturing Mandrax, the main impurity that is added is heroin, which of course is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Some street names for Mandrax include; buttons, white pipe, MX, golf sticks, doodies, lizards, and flowers. One tablet of Mandrax reportedly costs between R25 -

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