Essay about Mandatory Vaccinations : What Every Child Needs

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Mandated Vaccinations – What Every Child Needs Headaches, rashes, violent coughs, and uncontrollable spasms – any one of these appalling symptoms could be pointing towards a serious or even life-threatening disease, whether it be rubella, diphtheria, or the whooping cough. Fortunately, today’s medical vaccines have the ability to drastically decrease the chances of a young child from contracting an illness that could possibly end their life. However, over the past few decades, fewer and fewer parents are choosing to let their children be vaccinated, claiming that vaccines are too dangerous and unpredictable to be used on young minors, especially with the possibility that vaccines may lead to autism. Because of this, diseases like the mumps and the whooping cough are once again on the rise in the United States, causing innocent children to fall victim to these illnesses and die. As devastating as this may seem, this kind of tragedy could easily be avoided if parents would allow their children to be immunized. With this in mind, childhood vaccinations should be required because they can prevent illnesses notorious for killing thousands of children in the past, and they are proven to be both safe and effective the majority of the time. Perhaps the largest and most pressing reason why parents forbid their children to be immunized is because of the all-too familiar rumor that vaccinations contribute to autism. This rumor was started by Andrew Wakefield, a former doctor and lead…

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