Essay on Mandatory School Uniforms Should Not Be The Popular Choice

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Mandatory school uniforms may not be the popular choice, but they could assist in the reduction of bullying and result in learning being the forefront and focus of school. Traditionally, school uniforms have been a prevalent choice for private schools. However, in recent years a number of public schools have decided to adopt a school uniform policy. Various people have argued that uniforms are costly and take away a child 's right to assert their individuality. While numerous people maintain the argument that school uniforms are not only cost effective, but they also culminate a feeling of personal pride and school unity. Making school uniforms mandatory come with a number of benefits. Advocates for mandatory school uniforms contend that they help defend against gang-related violence. Uniforms would do this by eliminating the ability for gangs to identify with each other through their manner of clothing (Chittom Ginsburg, L. J. (2015). A further supporting claim is a monetary benefit for parents. With uniforms, parents are not at the mercy of the latest style demands and the outrageous prices that accompany the most recent fashion trends. Uniforms are at set prices that do not vary in cost a great deal from year to year (Chittom Ginsburg, L. J. (2015). Parents would be able to operate with an established budget and not be burdened with the unknown of what clothing will cost them from year to year. As a result of uniform policies, implemented by both public and private…

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