Essay on Mandatory Minimum Sentencing During The Preliminary Hearing

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Due to this mandatory minimum, the defendant would be notified of the minimum sentencing during the preliminary hearing. The defendant also has to serve the mandatory minimum prior to his eligibility of parole from prison (University of Maryland, 2015). Mr. Bloutt also has an offender score of 0 because he does not have a record currently or even as a juvenile. By using the chart from MSCCSP guidelines, each of the three indictments holds a 3 years – 8 years sentence range (University of Maryland, 2015). Since none of the indictments are of a serious category higher than III, the sentences do not get compounded. The sentence range possible will be the 5-year minimum to 8 years maximum (University of Maryland, 2015). The sixth step in the process is the Hearings on Motions (The U.S. Attorneys Office - Northern District of Illinois). This is a time for the defense and prosecution to try to add or take away evidence, address any legal matters, or bring up that one of the sides needs to gain more information or evidence. I am sure Mr. Bloutt’s defense would try to remove the evidence about the use of a gun because that is what is holding all three indictments to a higher sentencing. Removing that evidence would drop one of the indictments all together and even drop another down to a misdemeanor. They could argue that only his wife had a gun, even though they own two revolvers. The US Attorney’s office might have found an instance of a juvenile offense by the…

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