Mandatory Arrest Essay

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Love is the most wanted affirmation that everyone as children dream about. Growing up marrying the person that was always popped in them dreams. In fact, unfortunately it does not always go like that. People tend to grow apart, they may even start not liking the other one. When this happens it is really sad that it may even end with domestic dispute. As a result of these domestic disputes that occur between lovers, there have been mandatory arrest laws put in place. Exploring whether the mandatory arrest law is helpful or harmful, when an alleged domestic abuse have occurred steps that need to be taken, and what to do navigating through the investigation.
There are some individuals that are not even familiar with the terms domestic disturbance.
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According to (Champagne, p.1, 2015), “Mandatory arrest policies require a police officer to arrest a person who is the suspect of domestic violence abuse, regardless of whether the victim consents or objects”. Furthermore, the controversy as to whether mandatory arrest are helpful or harmful. Just thinking about the victims of domestic violence, the mandatory arrest would be helpful in many scenario. In addition, no one should ever have to experience this magnitude of abuse by anyone, and any suspect that is a perpetrator should be …show more content…
As stated previously, growing up all one could dream about is to get married and live a happy life with their husbands and wives. It becomes and unfortunate when two parties are not able to get along and start a dispute. The back end to that is, usually domestic violence not affects the victims and family, the police officers that respond to the calls. In fact, in some cases there have been domestic disturbances that have turned out deadly. As a result of this, that is what prompted the quick actions of making mandatory arrests. There, are even some victims that are in domestic abuse relationships and are scared to call the police. The rest of the majority, victims are calling and the police are there to protect and keep civilians safe. Clearly, the mandatory arrests are more helpful than they are harmful, by the police officer taking appropriate steps during the investigation, also helps the entire process from start to finish more effective. Domestic violence, is never okay and if someone is a victim of this nature of crime should contact their local police department. The police are there, to help and go to give victims any support that they may

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