Essay on Mandated Governmental Benefits and the Regulations

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Benefit Programs and Compensation Administration
Lisa Hodges
HRM401-Assignment 5-1
Francine Warhman, Professor
July 25, 2014

Mandated Governmental Benefits and the Regulations:
Employers provide a percentage or portion of wages that are mandated by the government in what they may pay as far as minimal wage is concerned. A lot of employers also decided to offer other benefits to their employees. Employers aren’t mandated to provide the majority of the benefits they do offer but once they have decided to add additional benefits to their compensation package there are multiple laws that have to be followed that are governed by state and federal laws. As stated some of the more common benefits are wages and
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Unions also play a major role in ensuring legislative laws for protection of labor as it relates to keeping employees safe, making sure the environment isn’t going to affect their health, the amount of overtime worked and pay for overtime, leave for family or medical reason. Also, impacted is being able to benefit from social security, which included unemployment and being paid via workers compensation should an employee get hurt on the job, “Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) This act, passed in 1938, had two main features: first, it established a federal minimum wage. Second, it established the 40-hour work week for hourly wage earners, with an overtime provision of time and a half the hourly wage for work done beyond 40 hours. It was examined the union’s effect on compliance of the latter part of the FLSA, finding that employer compliance with the overtime pay regulation rose sharply with the presence of a union. It was hypothesized that this result reflects the policing function of unions because unions often report violations to enforcement agencies (Economic Policy Institute).” In communicating the total compensation plan an organization should include the employees in some form or another. The plan should be explained in a way that the employees understand and that includes informing them

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