Managment Essay

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How do the various management theories offer clues for organizing and controlling hotel employees?
First of all according to Hawthorne human relations implication is very important. Worker attitude toward their manager affect the level of their performance. When there is human relationship exist among the manager and the employees then there will be less confusion, and more understanding among each other. A good working environment will be only achieve through human relations, and mutual respect, where individual value each other and as result of that they will achieve a peaceful working environment. It will differently have a positive influence in the organization toward employees and customers.
Second theory would be
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When your boss controls every part of everything employee couldn’t work effectively. However, when boss helps team to do their best, increasingly trusts their judgment, allows them to use their creativity, and step-by-step gives them more control over their job, the boss position change to leader position. He motivates employees doing a good job and has a high quality on service. You can give them new exercise and encourage the employees to be by themselves so the turnover reduces.
You should pay attention different members of the team may have different attitudes. Many may succeed on Theory Y management, while others may need Theory X management, or some of them may benefit from the combination of these two theories together. We have to look at the situation and then decide what style works best.
When Most of the staffs are the professionals they should be managed in a theory Y. However, for some employees who are mostly quite junior and a bit inexperienced it is totally different. They need direction.
Concluding the subject it is a fact that more and more companies are adopting the Y theory but sometimes a mix of X and Y could be better option in case if you are dealing with an incompetent employee , an untrained or unmotivated worker. But

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