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: CRM and 4 P’s of Marketing. : Customer relation ship Management = CRM and 4 P’s.

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: Prof R Ramakrishnan : Head, Department of Management Studies Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram 637408

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Presented by me at the National Seminar On Customer Relationship Management Organized by M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women
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CRM Should Keep these 4 P's, but add 4 R's namely Relations, Retention, Referrals and Recovery and one T- Technology. But CRM is much more than that. Customer Relationship Management involves  Commitments to customers  Training and empowerment  Service standard  Complaint management

Gordon identifies what he terms the 11 C's of Relationship Marketing (which in a sense act as a replacement to the traditional 4 P's of marketing).  Customer  Categories  Capabilities

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 Cost, profitability and value  Control of the contact to cash processes  Collaboration and integration  Customization  Communications, interaction and positioning  Customer measurements  Customer care  Chain of relationships The “4 Ps of CRM Success" are Planning, People, Process and Platform to some while it is Product, Process, Policy, and People to others. The article will discuss these aspects with Indian examples ================

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CRM and 4 P’s of Marketing
The concept of CRM has evolved over a period of time through a sequence of initiatives, which have been directed towards improving business performance. CRM is a management strategy that enables an organization to become customer-focused and develop stronger relationships with its clientele. It helps piece together information about customers, sales, marketing

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