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Unit number and title
HND Health and Social Care Management
Unit 27:Managing Quality in Health and Social Care
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Millicent Wallace
Group 21/22

: Lalchand Luhana

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27th January 2015

April 11

Assignment title
Managing Quality in Health and Social Care

Learning Outcome
Assessment Criteria
In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to:
Task no.
(Page no)

Explain perspectives that stakeholders in health and social care have regarding quality

Analyse the role of external agencies in setting standards

Assess the impact of poor service quality on
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Other service user and relative from other wards had different views of quality for example, lack of privacy and dignity was not maintained and food was seen leaving without supporting the patient who was unable to feed themselves. CQC perspective on quality services is to ensure that all the standards are met among all health care providers. According to the report of CQC some standards had been met at the RUH, for example patient’s privacy and dignity were respected on some wards and action plans and reviews was completed however on other wards poor standards was identified. CQC implemented action plans that need to improve the quality that means safeguarding the patient wellbeing, rights and protecting them from abuse and neglect. According to the CQC report (2013) the expectations of the charge nurse were to provide leadership that enables support of other groups and the service user. That would enable collaborative work force in supporting the patient with the service they needed. According to (CQC 2014) quality and safety is underpinned and influence of the quality of the leadership and culture that leadership creates within an organisation. In RUH the perspective of the staff some care was seen as good whilst others was very poor an example of poor care, patient had being care for in the recovery unit for extended lengths of time and patients being seen in

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