Managing the Multi-Projects Essay

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MODULE TITLE: Managing the Multi-Project/Programme Environment MODULE CODE: ES9U1-10 01PR MODULE DATE: 18th – 22nd February 2013

Question 1

1 exerting control over the projects 2.1
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Graphs can impress the readers and they provide more straightforward information. Furthermore, graphs and charts are more time based, thus it is easier to read the information at the particular timeline on the graphs or charts.

I suggest two types of graphs when runing the program. One is for the processes control and another one is for the divergence control.

It is also similar as the WBS charts, the detailed processes of the projects are implied in this charts. Therefore it provides the integral picture of the complete program. When it starts to prograss the projects, not only the situation of one project is shown on the chart, but also the comparasion with other projects. Therefore, to some extent, the program manager can predict what could happen in next stage to each project according to the prograss of each project, so that to arrange the resources beforehand in case bad situation appears.

In addition, differnet prograss of different project is in different colour, which made the images more impressive and consice. In the meantime, match different colour to different project is beneficial to some other graphs which are also need when it comes to doing the weekly report or monthly report. The correspoinding budget spending in formation, performance informaiton, resources cusumption information and so on can be illustrated in the same colour hence result in a more systematic displaying of the running conditions.

Another diagram is

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