Managing Skills in Nursing Essay

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Being able to communicate effectively with the patient is an essential skill in the nursing profession. When a nurse becomes newly qualified she may come across many patients whom when coming into hospital will be feeling scared or stressed out. Coming into hospital for some patients can be a traumatic and demanding place. To be able to counsel and support your patient at this time can elevate their feeling. In fact providing the patient and their relatives support and comfort at this worrying time of need is a nurse’s duty. When counselling a patient you should actively listen to their needs, responding to what is the best interest of the patient whilst enabling the outcome the patient wants to be achieved (Freshwater, 2003). The RCN …show more content…
The responsibilities that you will be given will also be more that a student perhaps you will be put in charge of the shift and given so many care activities to do it may be too much to handle and have to delegate to the team. According to Hansten et al (2009) delegation is when you allocate these care activities to a member of your team that is competent to carry it out. However even though they are carrying out the care you will still be held accountable. Kelly (2009) says that delegating such care to competent members of the team allows the time to be used on more complex needs of patients you need to care for. Delegating these jobs and working as a team allows the use of safe effective nursing care to be provided (Emerson, 2007) According to the NMC (2008) if accountability is held then it’s their responsibility to assess the staff competence when assigning selected care tasks for the health care professional to carry out. Hansten et al (2009) goes on to state that when assigning tasks and assessing the competency of individuals you should keep in mind the following; knowledge, experience, skill, patient health and difficulty of task. Having the responsibility to delegate the tasks and still holding accountability means it’s your responsibility to monitor or supervise to ensure what care carried out is done correctly or of a good standard (NMC, 2008). Supervising someone is overseeing their

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