Becoming A Senior In High School

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Megan Lee
Professor Christian
English 100
2 November 2016
Managing Senioritis In today’s society, being a senior in high school is tough. This one year we are expected to decide what we are going to do with our lives by picking a career path to follow and going to a college that can teach us how to excel in that career path. We need to be able to dazzle these colleges and employers with not only our knowledge, but with our extracurricular activities, our skills acquired from jobs that we are expected to have, and recommendation letters from people we have made big impacts on in our lives so far. Dealing with all of these things could make you feel “stressed to the max”, or even get to the point where you are diagnosed with senioritis. If you
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Just thinking about what to do after high school can cause a senior’s stress level to sky rocket. It is scary thinking about what we are going to do when our parents aren’t by our sides or can quickly be at our sides by just one phone call. Before we can make it into that next step in our lives, like college, we have to think about what we want to do for a career and if we could make a living in that career path. Soon after that comes applying for colleges that fit the career path we are interested in (or the path that makes us a large amount of money, even though we may not like it). After applying, we need the money to pay for our schooling. We start filling out scholarships, adding all of the wonderful qualities we have acquired over time and the sparkling achievements we have earned throughout our lifetime. Another important part to college and scholarships is making sure you have a high ACT score. The ACT could determine whether you are able to apply for a scholarship that can get you a full ride to college meaning all expenses are paid for or determine if you even make it into a college. It is just one more thing we have to worry about and schedule. On top of all of this planning for the future, we are members or officers of clubs, trying to maintain jobs, completing schoolwork, making time for our families and friends, and trying make everything work out, so we don’t have to sacrifice one …show more content…
Keeping organized is a big part of keeping that senioritis away. All of the dates and goals that can be kept in a planner instead of clustered in your brain is a big help, especially when trying to avoid stressing out and going completely crazy. Don’t stress about what to do with your life either. It may seem like we are supposed to figure everything out in this one year, but it can’t be that simple sometimes. Go through senior year prepared and ready to face all challenges that will be put in your way towards the ultimate goal, which is

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