Coach Resistance Case Study

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The resistance is on the steering committee who oversee the overall activities of the project. Some people in this committee are differing with each other. Each member of the steering committee wants his/her opinion in solving this problem be hard. The committee organizes frequent meetings and discussions but every time they meet one of their members must differ with the strategy they are planning to take. Another resistance arises from communication specialist, he delays in communicating our findings to the team.

Strategies to coach resistances
The first thing in managing resistance is to understand the cause of resistance. The symptoms of resistance are observable which includes complaints, not attending the meeting or providing the requested information. To be effective to curb this resistance I the team
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The management strategy should contain three phases.
Phase 1: the strategy should provide access the team on readiness to change
Phase 2: the change management plan will focus on moving the individual through their own change, addressing barriers they encounter in their responsibilities. At this phase, the plan will provide step and action to be taken in addressing resistance.

Phase 3: this the final stages of change management strategies. In this phase, I am required to collect feedback from team member regarding the compliances with the new change management strategies. The feedback will help me in identifying and evaluating the gaps and manage the resistances that could still be existing. This phase will also help in developing the lifecycle of dealing with changes in the future.
Lastly, as the team leader, I should emphasize on individual change. This method can be enhancing through summoning individual member who resists and inform them the project ultimately lies on each one of us including him/her.

Communicating changes in the

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