Managing Organizational Behavior : An Organization Essay

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Employees have the ability to break or make a company; consequently, a company’s greatest advantage is its personnel. In order to realize success a company must hire quality workers, be organized in such a manner to promote success, and then empower their workforce to employ their skills and creativity to accomplish extraordinary things. Organizational behavior involves the influences impacting how people in organizations act, feel, think, and react to their work, toward each other, and toward people outside their organization. Managing organizational behavior is particularly important to the leaders who are responsible for supervising the activities of their employees. Creating a safe and nurturing environment for all employees while placing employees in the positions they are best suited for allows the organization to develop a sustainable competitive advantage over their competition. The Platform and Launch Systems Division could be one of the leading divisions with regards to documentation management should their managers focus their skills to motivate their people and form trusting relationships to help implement the organization’s strategy; the following will present a review of a real world organization, define why there is a need for change and propose organizational behavior concepts that might apply as the organization works towards an intervention.
Naval Station Weapons Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) is located in the heart of Indiana. NSWC Crane…

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