Managing Organisation Essay

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Managing Organization – Application Essay1

The articles of session 3 give us an insight into the concept of organizational design of a company. The articles explain the concept of peeling of excess layers in organizations in order to make the command chain easier for the managers and the employees of a company. A rigid layer of command chain makes it difficult for low-level employees to make their voices reach to the top. This isolates the top management with the lower management sector and in most cases slows down the decision-making time, as the top executives do that.

Many companies have started adopting a thin-layered organizational framework or can be called as a lean organization. These companies are giving their managers more
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This kind of framework may have worked for Microsoft (article), but that does not mean it will work for General motors or any company as well. Most of the time, during the process of converting to a leaner framework, companies may lose some of its top quality employees. This may be largely because many managers may be given more responsibility and salary but they may get demoted due to the company adopting a lean organization and so need to reduce the number of top executives. Most of these managers are already used to such a senior title and it will be difficult for them to let go such a respectful position and adopt a less powerful one.

I did my internship at general motors India in the summer of 2012. I was assigned a mentor for my entire internship. I was supposed to shadow him around in order to understand the functioning of the company. I was in the quality department. Our job was to check the overall quality of the car and its part before it is rolled out for shipment. Now, this mentor was answerable to his superior, who was the floor manager of the department. Since, he was my mentors boss, hence he automatically was mine too, and thus started the cycle of multiple orders and demands. This vicious cycle caught up to me very soon as I was being given simultaneous orders from my so-called “multiple bosses” and I was expected to obey each and every order with top performance.

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