Essay about Managing Multidisciplinary Professionals : An Organization

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Managing Multidisciplinary Professionals
In every organization there is a certain kind of organizational design that take places, which helps the organization in process of assigning tasks to be performed, placing those tasks in local groups, and finalizing an organization’s structure by assigning lines of authority and responsibility within each of the groups. Within an organization design there are five basic goals of an organizational design. These five goals are: management of complexity, differentiation and integration, management of interdependence, and creation and oversight of boundary-spanning activities, with each goal set in place it created the structure of the organization.
Having a relationship between employees, supervisors, middle management and top management teams shows a great representation of how vertical and horizontal dimensions work in an organizational structure. Within the organization that the three physicians are putting together are a great deal of different roles that are being played by other people that will enhance the organization if everyone does right and work together for the greater of the company. The physicians would start off by hiring them a support staff that would be in charge of some many major responsibilities throughout the organization. In this organization the vertical dimensions of this organization would be between those that are a part of the chain of command, for example the office manager, and the liaison that will…

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