Managing Linen For A Hotel Industry Essay

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Nowadays, the hotel industry is full of competitors that are fighting for the highest occupy rates, and in order to difference themselves to gain the loyalty of consumers, every little detail matters. One of these details includes the quality of their linen which can directly impact on the guests staying. Therefore, it makes good business sense in both the short and long term to ensure linens meets the expectations of guests as it can affect the image of the brand and the guests overall experience of the hotel. There are two ways to manage linen for a hotel, including outsourcing laundry or running a in-house laundry. However, maintaining a good quality in-house laundry sometimes can be hard and costly with liabilities such as electricity, water and higher labor costs to consider, because hotels need more staff to run the operation and training staff to gain an understanding of how the laundry and linen operates is not an easy thing. Besides, there is a high initial capital investment needed of both time and money to source and purchase linen, the special management or technical expertise is required, there is a high cost of maintenance and repairs and large area is required for effective laundry management inside the hotel, which outlines that in-house laundry can be an expensive process with all those direct and indirect costs . Although, large hotels have more space to operate in-house laundry and they are more focused on their brand awareness so they might want…

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