Managing International Projects Required Special Skills Essay

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“Managing the global workforce is the compendium on global human resources are workforce practices. As globalization permeates every aspect of our lives, managers have to learn to master the irony of global scale vs. local responsiveness to design human resource practices that leverage across boundaries and adapt to local conditions and to manage talent worldwide and within countries” (Caliguiri, 2010).
Similarly, managing in global environment is not an easy task. Most of the time, managing international projects require special skills. The manager has to work in a consistent manner with the team for the success of the project. The article by Poddar (2010), explains the challenges in managing international projects. As by the article, the challenges might be technical and non-technical. Challenges relate to technical parts are mostly irrespective of whether they are for a national or international project. The project manager and the team members are technically qualified and proficient in using the best available technologies and tools as long as they are informed. Challenges associated with the non-technological part deserve special attention because they involve leading the project team effectively, which requires special leadership skill sets. Managing a project in an international environment is a challenging job. Just knowing how to work does not help for the success of the project. The manager also needs to be careful about other things related to…

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