Managing Internal Communication Channels And Feedback Culture

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Although Nimco Company has been in existence for a long time now, the company has not been able to achieve its full potential. The company has been in operation since 1990 still the growth of the company has not been as expected. As a well-established company Nimco should have been focusing on growth and expansion prospectus but it is still stuck with the aim of increasing sales (like a newly established organization). Based on interview with Nimco and evaluation of the same the following recommendations with regard to Nimco’s internal communication channels and feedback culture should be adopted by the organization. Furthermore, potential business growth is foreseeable and therefore implementation of future strategy is necessary to enhance positive development for Nimco.
5.1. Managing internal rifts
With a small number of employees Nimco does not have multiple departments for the various areas of business. Employees majorly share their concerns with the office manager and the sales manager. However, there was a conflict identified between the sales manager and office manager.

Because of the conflict, the managers come up with different views to similar situation. This contradiction may possibly have an adverse effect on the organization. The non-compatibility between the managers is directing towards the existence of silo virus in the enterprise.

According to Gleeson.B (2013) and Rozo.M (2013) the kind of rigidity which silo thinking fosters in the organization often…

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