Managing Health Care Quality Care Essay

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Managing Health Care Quality
Health Care in an industry where its achievement will be determined by the quality of care that is delivered. Patients are at the forefront of health care organizations, consequently it is vital that they are receiving superb care since this will determine which facilities they select for their health care needs. Organizations must be up to date with technological advances, and must ensure that the staff is competent to deliver superior care. Overall the Patrons are satisfied with Sunlight Hospital nonetheless; they are discontented with the level care that they receive from the staff. Perhaps the hospital is short staffed and as a result it’s causing the current staff to be extremely busy which prevents them from providing that one on one interaction with the patients which makes them feel as though the care is inadequate. An article in Acta Paulista De Enfermagem states “The level of care received at a hospital will determined if he or she was satisfied with the service they received” (Lorenzen & Schibella, 2016, p 18). Sunlight Hospital is obliged to review their quality or care to guarantee that the patients are pleased with the quality of care so that this hospital will be a sought-after facility for health care services.
Quality Measures
Sunlight Hospital is cognizant that their quality of care needs to be enhanced in order to satisfy the patients. Quality measurement tools are available as a guide to aid in making the necessary changes.…

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