Essay about Managing Glucose Levels - The Blind / Low Vision Community

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Managing Glucose Levels — the Blind/Low-Vision Community A man sits at his kitchen table suffused with disappointment, his breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee, prepared and long-since cold, sits in front of him. He stares vacantly at his hands, the left hand gripping a magnifying glass, the right one, his insulin pump. After several attempts to read the information on his insulin pump screen, he has come to the realization that his vision has finally regressed to a point that even with the help of a magnifier, he cannot. With this knowledge, he knows that he will no longer be able to administer his insulin regimen without assistance. He is a man who has always valued his ability to face adversity and to take care of problems on his own. Although he knew the time would come, he had not been able to prepare for the overwhelming sense of loss. He now feels, even more, the threads of his independence unraveling. Down one cheek runs a single tear.
The inability to read information on pump screens and see that the information is input correctly leaves the blind/low-vision community (further referred to as visually impaired) requiring assistance to manage the operation of pumps. This is because information, which read or input incorrectly, can lead to hypoglycemic episodes, which in turn can lead to serious adverse effects, including death. The ability to manage personal care is a top priority for the visually impaired, as with anyone else. In order to give…

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