Managing Food And Beverage Waste Essays

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There are many issues that revolve around managing food and beverage waste as well as recycling and it includes major environmental challenges. The issues include solid waste disposal, energy consumption and wastewater. The reduction of waste can help sustain the environment for future generations, reduce emissions that contribute to the global climate change, and saves energy. In the paper, the issues to manage food and beverage waste and recycling operations will be identified including suggested solutions to the problem.
There are several types of food and beverage waste. This list includes plastic, aluminum paper, waste that comes from food preparation and solid waste. Reducing waste can be the most effective low cost way to reduce fees that comes from disposal. Food service operations toss out a substantial amount of garbage on a daily basis. There is approximately 80 billion pounds of food waste that are thrown out in the landfills yearly. The sad part about this issue is that there are many people who struggle to feed their family (Food Industry Alliance Publishes Toolkit for Reducing Food Waste, 2014).
Waste has become a community and political issue and an overall cost concern for businesses. How you dispose of waste can determine the impact that it has the community as well as the guest (Bendall, 2014). In the United States, many businesses don’t have the necessary waste equipment to help with the waste challenges that they face which can become an issue…

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