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Small business enterprise
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Task 1. Performance of a Small Business Enterprise

The creation of Cambridge Satchel Company Ltd is more likely sparkling idea rather then some thoroughly planned enterprise. Later become big player and taking its place into market niche. At first look it seems that the company has been raised as a child, engaging only family into the beginning with starting capital of just few hundred pounds. But we needn’t look at this briefly, we should focus exactly on this very moment and deduct conceiving of the idea from its initial start. As founder of the company says - ‘I was determined I wouldn’t go over my £600 – if it didn’t work I’d get a
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So this prove that not every business can grow and develop but there is a particular explanation for this.

The market itself conduct the balance between small and big companies, but that what conduct the market niche is demand and supply, the main force into the world of business. So armed with the idea of just spending £600 on business Julie Deane creates a huge international business with millions of pound in assets. What is the successful formula you might ask? Of course it is complex of reasons for this but one of the most important is the urge of the single person to succeed into new endeavour and the focus on this how to.. and when to.. do rather than what to.. and why to…?

As Mrs Deane says the start of the company is tough and hard, but with dedication and hard work she has managed to develop multimillion business. That what catches our minds is the very wise and sage decision not to trade with big stores in order to gain as much cash as possible in time - We didn’t take on any big shops because they take forever to pay. And it’s important for me not to make people wait for payment because it doesn’t help anyone if they’re waiting for cash.”

The great deal for the company gives using of all social media sources, internet web advertising. In present times businesses are lost without advertising and the number of companies relating on facebook

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