Managing Environment : Managing The Global Environment Essay

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Managing in the Global Environment
What does it take to Manage in the global environment? It takes leaders who will honor their commitment and move with time. To be able to manage in the global environment managers most pay close attention to every different internal and external behavior globally. When trying to do business globally it can be a hug challenge. Therefore, it is important for managers in all size and type of organization to understand the global setting. There are also great opportunities so this means that all global mangers need to be aware of the diversity of nations and be open to changes. So they will need to know the different culture, ethics, competitors, law, Tax, and factors.
Knowing the characteristics of people of different cultures of the nation with whom they work, and do businesses with is of the outermost importance to managers. The global business environment is multiple organizations in cultures outside of their home environment. People are different and believe in different things knowing their cultures are essential. Managers practice that work well in one cultures may not work in another. Managers must be culture aware of countries main economic activities and also their langue of Communication; Furthermore, work culture of the different society is also indicated as one of the challenges managers face and changing into them can be quite difficult; But not impossible. With the right communication skills and people with the right attitude in…

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