Managing Diversity in the 21st Century Workplace Essay examples

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Managing Diversity in the 21st Century Workplace

Table of Contents

Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Diversity Management 6
Barriers to Managing Workplace Diversity 8 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and lawsuits 8 Conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace 9 Harassment and incivility 11 Generation gaps 12 Cultural changes 13
The Business Case for Diversity 14
Recruitment and Selection 16
Practicing Inclusion in the Workplace 19
Deciphering Diversity and Inclusion 20
Diversity Training and Education 22
Retaining a Diverse Workforce 24
Conclusion 26
References 27


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In order for diversity management programs to be effective in the workplace, Human Resource Managers must identify core components and incorporate them into their planning. A proper diversity management practice keeps past legalistic approaches in mind when focusing on other components of diversity management (Pitts, 2009). Pitts (2009), argues that there are “three components” to managing diversity in today’s workplace, recruitment and outreach, valuing differences, and pragmatic policies and programs (p. 329). Over the years, diversity management has been used to keep organizations in compliance with affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws and regulations (Watson, Spoonley, and Fitzgerald, 2009). The original approach to diversity management was a “legalistic and normative one” (Pitts, 2009, p. 328). It did very little to acknowledge the value of diversity or promote diversity in the workplace (Pitts, 2009). In 2004, Kellough and Naff surveyed several federal government agencies to understand diversity management practices and major focal points. The survey identified seven core components that those agencies fell are critical to managing diversity. Those components focused more on affirmative action and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programs and regulations, than managing diversity programs (Pitts, 2009).

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