Managing Conflicts : Managing Conflict Essay

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Managing Conflict
In this week’s assignment, we have been asked to propose a plan to resolve the conflict that has been presented in the DPU case study. First we will look at the conflict issue that faces the human resources manager. Next we will discuss possible actions that the DPU CEO could take to resolve the conflict presented in the case study.
The Conflict Issue First, let’s start by looking at what the conflict scenario is that requires a conflict resolution plan that the DPU CEO is facing. The scenario presented for this week’s paper is issue five of the case study: The CEO’s new human resources manager has been dealing with a number of complaints since assuming her position. She is currently attempting to resolve one filed by an employee. Abram is an engineering supervisor who recently disciplined an employee for excessive absenteeism. Jon, the employee, subsequently filed a complaint against Abram, stating he felt that he was being unfairly disciplined. Jon stated in his complaint that other employees in other divisions were absent more often than he was and they had not been subject to disciplinary action. Abram’s response to Jon indicated that he had violated the engineering division’s attendance policy that allows no more than two unexplained absences a month. In the last month, Jon had had five unexplained absences. Jon had previously exhausted all of his earned time off, so Abram had told Jon the days he took off would not be paid.…

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