Managing Change Essay

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"Who so ever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times."
When organizations encounter difficulties, mergers and organizational change is often what is used to solve the problems of the organization. Within recent years we have seen many technological developments that are really path breaking and changed our lifestyles in more than one way. With these types new inventions being made every day all organizations have to keep up with the times. Changes are occurring more often at a much faster pace today than they were 15 years ago. The reason that we
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Company Background:
History of Mercy:
During the first part of the Twentieth Century, there was a big increase with the number of private hospitals in the U.S. By the 1980s there was a variety of for initiatives to be implemented and for curtailing the rapid rise in health care costs. With the cost of hospital care being expensive the initial change seen throughout all hospitals was too cute inpatient care. Within the later years the change that has been seen throughout health care industry focused on more fiscal changes which shifted the health care industry into a business mode. These types of changes are what impact private health care organization to merge with large health care organizations.
Mergers in the healthcare sector, is when hospitals with particularly the same vision, and mission merge into a signal organization. Today this is seen more frequently than was twenty years ago. Some healthcare organizations believe that the positive views of merges are that they present large health care systems which are able to provide for communities with the most efficient and comprehensive care required. But the downside of mergers is viewed that mergers erode competition, increase prices and reduce consume welfare.
Mercy Hospital and Medical Center is a Catholic teaching hospital. This hospital was established in 1852 and was the first chartered hospital in Chicago which was ran by the Sister of Mercy. Mercy Hospital was the first

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