Managing Change and Diversity - Easiyo Essay

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Paul O’Brien in 2009 became the CEO of EasiYo, a manufacturer of powder-based yogurts. With O’Brien’s arrival at EasiYo, the company has overseen a 30 percent growth in the annual sales (Jones & George 2003). With the increase of sale and exports a number of challenges have become evident including the absence of a formal management arrangement and the pressure placed of the efficiency and effectiveness of employees (Jones & George 2003). As EasiYo continues to grow into a multinational business, EasiYo must adopt a mixture of hard and soft approaches to human resource management. Coupled with Mayo’s approaches to management EasiYo will be able to overcome its challenges professionally and
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2011). Showing interest in employees is derived from Theory Y of human relations school (Clegg et al. 2011). Theory Y is under the assumption that people crave responsibility and autonomy, they want to be treated with respect and are driven towards self-actualization (Clegg et al. 2011). O’Brien believes this theory, focusing his time on creating an environment that motivates his employees and treats them with respect (Jones & George 2013). However, O’Brien also implements a hard approach to management by spending period of time on the shop floor and walking around which can be interpreted as a method of surveillance and control. Taking a hard approach performance allows management to ultimately drive and set performance outcomes, measuring at the individual level and always on the meeting of specific job-related outcomes (Clegg et al. 2011). A hard approach to management is coupled with Theory X, believing that humans are important resources, but should be managed much as any other resource in order to achieve organizational objectives (Clegg et al. 2011). Although O’Brien doesn’t take a forceful approach to his employees the adoption of both hard and soft methods of management and a Theory X and Theory Y approach succinctly benefit EasiYo’s

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