Essay on Managing A Project Manager Manages The Project Management

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Managing a project team is actively managing the team to ensure that the work is being done to accomplish a project. A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Gray, Larson, 2014, pg. 6). The project team actually does the project while the project manager manages the project. Managing human resources is probably one of the most complex areas as people can be unpredictable, can give rise to an expected conflict, the level of their morale can go up or down, and also of course for either personal or professional reasons, some may leave the project in an unplanned manner (PMP Mastery, 2016).
There are characteristics that teams must have to exhibit positive synergy, and they will result in high-performing teams. There is a shared sense of common purpose when each member is willing to work toward achieving project objectives, and the teams have to be identified so you can find the talents and expertise that you need from the members for the project that is being worked on. You want the roles to be balanced and shared. Although problem solving is encouraged, differences of opinion is encouraged and freely expressed. Mistakes are treated as opportunities, because it encourages risk taking and creativity. High personal standards of performance are encouraged by members, and it is really important for members to identify with the team for both professional and personal growth.
After the teams have figured out what is needed to…

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