Essay on Managing A Competitive Stance Within The Market

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If you generate an academic search on what is organization strategy, it is seemingly testing to obtain a concrete answer. There’s an ongoing discussion and academics research addressing strategy, variables that supports strategy, and organizations use of strategy to cope with operations to establish a competitive stance within the market. HBR’s, “10 Most Reads on Strategy”, first chapter provides an in-depth discussion addressing strategy. Porter suggest first, strategy is process linking various activities to establish a “unique and valuable position” (Porter 2009, p. 8). He provides three different sources organization leverage to establish this unique and valuable position. Organization can serve the limited needs of many customers, wide-ranging needs of a few customers, or extensive needs of many customers in a narrow market (Porter 2009, p.11). Secondly, strategy requires trade-offs so organization can identify what not to do (Porter 2009, p.16. Lastly, strategy ensure the company activities align and reinforce one another creating a “fit” (Porter 2009, p.20). Strategy ensure that organizational activities align with their purpose, mission, vision, and values. In order to establish this unique position, organization should consider components such as thinking strategically and planning strategically as process that develops a full view of strategy.
The Strategy Management Group, an international strategic management consulting firm, furthers the discussion of…

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