Managerial Support For Basic Psychological Needs Essay

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The journal entry discussed in the final workshop of the semester was, Managerial support for basic psychological needs, somatic symptom burden and work-related correlates: A self-determination theory perspective. Spearheaded by Williams and colleagues The paper looked to find a way to mediate somatic symptom burden (SSB). In brief, SSB relates to physical illnesses not rooted in physical ailments. These illnesses cause a financial burden to society through the loss of wages and productivity as well as the personal burden to those suffering with the symptoms. Researchers’ goal through the completion of this study was to determine if there were correlations between physiological need satisfaction as well as the relation to behaviors such as turnover and absenteeism to SSB as well as determine the ability of different measures in their reduction.

The study consisted of 287 participants from three separate Norwegian companies, holding jobs varying from administration to sales. Consequently, researchers measured the amount of need support that the employees felt they received from their managers, as well as the amount of motivation, thoughts of leaving the company and emotional exhaustion they feel tin the work environment. In addition, the measurement of SSB used a questionnaire. In relation to these measures, Williams and colleagues had three main hypotheses. To begin, the first hypothesis was in relation to managerial support that employees…

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