Management Essay

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Functions of Management

Robert L. Mikell

University of Phoenix

Management: Theory, Practice and Application-MGT/330

November 21, 2010

Kai Hintze

Functions of Management

In the business world today, the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals define what we will discuss in this essay; however, the four functions are crucial to the success of any manager. We will discuss what was founded by a French Mining Engineer (Henri Fayol 1841-1925) what we all know today as the key components to the four functions of management.

Planning determines what organizations goals are and how to achieve these goals. In my organization, we use three types of planning to develop the
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Higher leadership will sometimes feel they should not get involved with the actual implementation of organizing the training to be done. They then realize they need to allocate their resources to ensure that his team have everything they need for the training to be successful.

When leading in my line of work, your main goal is to influence others to accomplish any mission by providing purpose, direction and motivation. Some may confuse leading and managing in the same accord, when in actuality, they are not the same activity. To become an effective military leader, you must first have an understanding of yourself; what you are, what you know and what you can do. An efficient leader must also know their strengths and weaknesses. Leaders will provide purpose when you establish your priorities, provide direction when enforce the standards and motivate soldiers by caring, challenging and developing them into a cohesive team. Leadership skills are something people are not born with, I always have been a true believer in the phrase, “In order to lead, one must be led first” (Robert Mikell, 1926, author’s grandfather) A manager makes sure that the tasks are completed on time and policies are followed, many soldiers would follow a manager because of the position and that person is in charge of them. A manager could serve as a leader, but needs to discover what motivates his Soldiers and

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