Management Essay

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TOPIC: Describe what it means to be a modern team leader. Describe the different types of teams and critically analyze the challenges modern managers face in contemporary business organizations.
Leadership, it crosses people mind of powerful leaders who control victorious armies, develop religions, lead nations. So how could they do such a great job in leading? What are the factors to become a modern team leader? Leadership is defined as an influencing process of leaders and followers to achieve organizational objectives through change (Lussier & Achua 2010, p. 6). This paper is going to analyze modern leadership and the challenges leaders could face critically in contemporary business organizations. Specifically, the
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There are 2 leadership styles found by University of Iowa in 1930s: autocratic and democratic. Autocratic style has leaders that make the decisions and ask the employees to do the work, while the democratic leaders will ask the employees to participate in decisions making, work together and sort things out by themselves. Base on the research of Ohio State University, the behaviors is tend to focus on getting the task done or developing relationships. There is not a common theory about leadership, researchers are still looking for a better understanding of leadership.
Managers have to do more than just asking people to do things, there are basically four functions of a manager known as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. For non-leader people, they only see controlling and leading, but they do not know managers have to plan and organize a lot in order to lead and control. It is a process: first plan, organize the plan, lead people to do according to the plan and control members to reach the goal. Planning is the very first thing to do; it is the thinking of what need to do, to prepare in detail. The second function is organizing, in this step the managers have to get employees according to plan, organize resources before the actual start. Leading is the next one that the managers have to connect with employees. Inspiring, motivating are necessary to keep employees productive. Controlling is the

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