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Essay on Lenovo
Introduction 2 Competitiveness 2 Competitive advantage 2 International market challenges 3 SWOT 3 PESTEL 3 Competitive profile matrix 4 Porter’s Five Forces Model 4 Four risks of international business 5 References 6

The brand Lenovo has made its reputation as one of the famous and preferred personal computers in the world. Lenovo is striving to be the leader of the market and the market share of Lenovo is also very high. It was in 2004 when Lenovo purchased the global brand “Think Pad”. This is when the presence of Lenovo has been marked in the global competitive world. Lenovo has a packaging plant in 7 countries and distribution contact in many countries sin the world. The
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The campaigns undertaken by Lenovo are proved to be very advantageous to build a brand image among customers (Chen 2006). The prices of Lenovo computers are lower than that of its competitors. This point is also an advantage to the Lenovo. The markets that are being targeted by Lenovo are the ones which are cost conscious. The technology industry in China has an advantage that they can produce at lower cost and sell at sufficient margin.
International market challenges
The major challenges in front of Lenovo in international market are that there are so many big players with which it has to deal. The big players include Dell, Samsung, HP, Apple etc. Lenovo has to compete with all these brands to increase its market share. The product policy that Lenovo is following may be suitable for domestic market but it is not suitable for international market. An organization has to make different policies for domestic market and international market respectively (Dollar 1990).

Strengths (S)The brand recognition of the company is very good. It gets a benefit of being a traditional brand. The quality served by Lenovo is at par with the competitors. There is a diversification of the products .Sponsorships and public image is very good. | Weaknesses (W)The marketing channel that is used by Lenovo is single marketing channel. The laptops are majorly sold by Stores of monopoly. There are a very few product styles. The sources

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