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This report tends to analyze strategic framework of the premier Inn hotel chains .In order for the analysis to be successfully implemented, the report has embraced the current strategy position within the sub unit part of the company. The analytical tools that will be used are PESTLE, Five porters’, SWOT, and value chain analysis. The analysis tends to show a very competitive market structure; faced within the harsh economic times in the hospitality industry. The differentiation strategy, implemented to the company has enabled it to deliver unmatched services to the customers in the UK. This report also analyses the internal and
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The premier Inn became the major brand of the white bread PLC. It is the leading UK largest hotel brand with occupancy over 80% in more than 590 hotels that have over 43000 rooms. Premier Inn is an award winning hotel chain and it is geographically spread to facilitate the 75% of the UK population to a radius of 5 miles. The premier Inn bedrooms have an attached bathroom, a free view, a TV, and a Wi-Fi internet access. All these services are offered at a cheap rate of 29 pounds only. The hotel is divided into the various business units for which it is licensed to trade, which includes catering, accommodation and entertainment and travel (Bossini 2007/2008). This report is focused on the accommodation business unit of the company. The CEO Andy Harrison has channeled many resources to the success of the business, thus emphasize has been put on formulating policy guidelines and strategic planning towards achieving this objective. (Jones, 2010, p.40)This report singles out strategic analysis of the accommodation unit of premier Inn Company which is the major unit and poised with large market share, opportunities and competition.
2. External environment Analysis
In every business that operates in a given industry is faced with various factors from outside its grasp that influences the future and current way in which the business is carried out.
(Herberg,A & Rieple, A

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