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It’s a New Day:
Microsoft’s Office 2007 Launch Campaign

In April 2007 Jordan Passon, advertising director for Microsoft Office, sat at her desk poring over a stack of marketing materials for the upcoming launch of Office 2007. She was both excited and concerned. Her excitement came from the fact that Office 2007 was the most significant update to the product in twelve years. At the same time, Passon was concerned because Office was a mature and widely-accepted product, and evidence suggested target customers felt little need to upgrade. Furthermore, the last Office product launch in 2003 had failed to meet expectations for creating the desire to upgrade.

Passon turned her attention back to the materials
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software products. By one estimate, Office had more than a 95 percent share of application suite products by 2000.1

2003–2005: Serving the Information Worker Segment

The contribution of Office to Microsoft’s dominance of the software market was reflected in the company’s reorganization into seven product segments in fiscal year 2003. One segment was dedicated to the information worker (IW). The IW segment was “responsible for developing and delivering technologies that focus on improving technologies for

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