Essay on Management

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Introduction Since the last decades of the 20th century, there have been intensive discussions about knowledge and its implications on organisations and business success. Knowledge is now widely considered to be a source of competitive advantage. Technology has been continuously improving, among Turkish contractor firms. By the evaluation of the causes high business pressures that affect organizations’ field survey findings, Turkish contractor firms’ current and future competitiveness. These pressures use of IT, their main objectives on the use of IT, benefits cause common and rapid changes on all industries. To achieve competitive advantage, firms need to constantly focus on the identification of differential product strategies, …show more content…
Firms implement information technology to enhance and/or enlarge the scope of their products and services.

In today’s environment IT represents a critical success factor in knowledge management and plays a dominant role in the decision-making process. However, a brief overview of the literature indicates that a variety of IT terminologies is used, along with range of differences in the use of data, measurement, sample size, selection of dependent variables. Evidently, findings show that some scholars claim IT can be a source of competitive advantage and its impact can be either direct or indirect, others suggest that IT cannot be a source of competitive advantage since it does not fulfill the requirements of the competitive advantage concept while, finally, some even argue that IT has a negative impact on firm performance and thus does not create competitive advantage. Choosing the right technology, strategic alignment and implementing it properly is the key. In harmony with the broadly accepted literature, IT can be used to create competitive advantage by means of differentiation, innovation, channel domination, cost reductions and efficiency improvements. Although this study addresses the need for unique strategies for different Internet companies, further research is required to address the problems faced by traditional firms when they compete against e-business

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