Management Essay

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Chapter 01
The Exceptional Manager: What You Do, How You Do It

True / False Questions 1. | Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBM, believes that her success is due in part to her ability to take risks. True False | 2. | Exceptional managers have a gift that cannot be taught. True False | 3. | Management includes integrating the work of people through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organization's resources. True False | 4. | To be efficient in management means to use resources wisely and cost effectively. True False | 5. | Efficiency and effectiveness are terms used interchangeably and equivalently in management. True False | 6. | Automated telephone
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True False | 15. | The decline in revenue in the newspaper industry is due to a sharp drop in the number of people reading American newspapers. True False | 16. | When managing for competitive advantage, the first "law" of business is "take care of the shareholders." True False | 17. | Taking care of the customer applies equally well to nonprofit and for-profit businesses. True False | 18. | In business, innovation is defined as finding ways to deliver new or better goods or services. True False | 19. | Whereas a generation ago organizations rewarded employees for their efficiency, today the emphasis is on length of service. True False | 20. | Despite continued immigration, the proportion of racial or ethnic groups in the United States is expected to be stable well into the next century. True False | 21. | When he or she does not speak the local language, a manager should rely on gestures and symbols since their consistency of meaning provides a form of universal communication throughout the world. True False | 22. | The Internet is a global network of independently operating but interconnected computers, linking hundreds of thousands of smaller networks around the world. True False | 23. | The buying and selling of goods or services over computer networks is known as e-exchange. True False | 24. | One reason e-business

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