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Analyzing the Reading
Carlos Garcia
December 10, 2014

Introduction Management effectiveness in leadership styles is essential to many industries; it has been of very significant importance. Management is essential and crucial to an enterprise and the primary source of long-term differentiation between firms. According to Steven Covey’s, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People it is based upon a set of principles that directs individual effectiveness through inside-out management, one that begins with a focus on one’s self. I will summarize the management theories, how they apply to my organization, compare and contrast two articles that relate to my organization and evaluate my organization in relation to my analysis. Theory
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The manager who holds Theory X beliefs may unwittingly engineer a low level of employee motivation. The theories maybe from the past in management roles but still current as basic theories for explaining organizational and leadership methodologies. The methodologies have changed the path of management thinking and practice. Underlining some of the fundamental assumptions about human behavior in organizations, McGregor outlined a new role for managers: rather than commanding and controlling subordinates, managers should assist them in reaching their full potential. It is of significance for managers to observe the assumptions that underlie their own behavior towards subordinates. It is the notion that managers’ attitudes represent potentially a self fulfilling prophecy. There is not one best organizational approach but the best approach depends on the nature of the work to be done in the organization, in some cases organizations with predictable task perform better with management hierarchies and formalized procedures in contrast organizations with less formalized, emphasize self-control and member participation in decision making are better effective for the company. Managers must do what is best for the organization and develop characteristics that get the work done. In the end questions may arise from these theories, how does the more controlled and

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